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The Swiss ETA Movement inside the Replica Rolex Explorer I 214270 is the Rolex caliber 3132, which is the same as the Oyster Perpetual 39. The only major difference I can find is that the Explorer and OP both have "high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers", and strangely, the Rolex Submariner, with its professional diving watch pedigree, does not. You will see the Rolex Explorer's Paraflex shock absorber in the picture below. Although they are like every Rolex watch produced today in the UK, equipped with the most advanced Chronometer -2/+2 second daily accuracy rating and 5-year international warranty, OP, Explorer I, and Submariner all have 48 hours of power reserve are much lower than the extended power reserve of more than 70 hours provided by the new generation of Rolex movements dubbed 32xx. We will talk about this later.

The dial of the brand new replica Rolex Explorer 214270 now uses a blue Chromalight display. Basically, BGW9 luminescent material, which lasts longer than the more common Super-LumiNova C3. But after charging with a powerful light source, it is not that bright anymore. I prefer the long-lasting blue hue of Chromalight to Super-LumiNova's temporary light show, as seen on the Panerai replicas and other top brand watches.

The minute-hand of the previous generation Explorer I is puzzling. At BaselWorld 2016, the Cheap Fake Rolex Explorer 214270 was upgraded to a smartwatch. It was not proposed from a 36mm watch, but designed for a 39-mm-wide watch. That small-hand Explorer shouldn't happen to me at all, and in my estimation, it certainly shouldn't last that long. That's why I won't buy it from the online shop.

Although the surface lacquer is obviously less heavy than the Rolex Submariner replica, the dial is still shiny like Elton John's fingernails, which has been compared with the luster of the 18ct white gold "Professional Hands" and the front sapphire crystal is the non-AR-coated. The combination of "professional" and "reflectivity" is annoying. The Explorer I 214270 belongs to the professional family of exact 1:1 replica watches uk. However, in my opinion, the words "professional" and "reflectivity" really shouldn't coexist in the same watch. On the bright side, it's easier for people who don't know anything about watches to tell them that you are wearing an expensive and very shiny watch. It makes you different and unique!

At this point, I would like to add that I think I can force myself to accept the combination of shiny dial + shiny hands + shiny crystals that belong to what High-end Grade AAA Rolex Replica calls the "classic" family of watches including Day-Date, Datejust, Cellini, Deepsea, Yacht-Master, GMT-Master, and others. This will still drive me crazy, but if they add some Rolex quality AR-coating to their professional watches. How great would that be! I think I will be a little bit more tolerant of their shiny everything.

In addition, the quality of the dial is quite high. The 18ct white gold index and hands are a nice touch to add luxury. It is as if the hour and minute hands have a slight dome curve, which gives them a larger volume and a high-quality appearance. The second-hand looks flat, but it is evenly polished and has a small lug-like dot, which looks very cool. The icing on the cake is laser-etched, the copy Rolex Crown is currently over 6 o'clock in each Rolex sapphire crystal. But it is too small, the light must be irradiated in a special way, and the chance of you seeing it with the naked eye is basically zero. Anyway, it does exist.

Speaking of the quality of execution, although I clearly believe that the crystal and dial department has some extra work to be done, the designer fake Rolex has always been the king of luxury watches (you may think the Seiko also is) in terms of appearance in the four-digit price range. The overall touch, feel, and look of the case and bracelet are shocking, although they have abandoned the polished, angled edges along with the lugs of the older generation of Professional watches for men and women in the UK.

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